"The Flux is in the Flame"
Gasflux® works extremely well with copper-base silver brazing alloys. These include phos-copper, copper-phos-silver( 0-15%) as well as higher-silver content alloys (30-56%). The Gasflux® flame, when used in conjunction with silver-brazing alloys, provides a protective shroud around the area to be joined which will prevent the formation of unwanted oxides. The additional wetting action provided by Gasflux® assures high quality joints with less alloy required along with a reduction of leaks.
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A5.8 AWS Spec




Gasflux® Ag-00 N/A C55181 N/A BCuP-2 N/A 1460 ºF793 ºC N/A 1310 ºF710 ºC N/A GASFLUX-DATA-SHEET---BRAZING-ALLOY---PHOS-COPPER-0-
Gasflux® Ag-02 N/A C55280 N/A BCuP-6 N/A 145 ºF788 ºC N/A 1190 ºF643 ºC N/A GASFLUX-DATA-SHEET---BRAZING-ALLOY---PHOS-COPPER-2-
Gasflux® Ag-05 N/A C55281 N/A BCuP-3 N/A 1495 ºF813 ºC N/A 1190 ºF643 ºC N/A GASFLUX-DATA-SHEET---BRAZING-ALLOY---PHOS-COPPER-5-
Gasflux® Ag-06 N/A C55283 N/A BCuP-4 N/A 1325 ºF718 ºC N/A 1190 ºF643 ºC N/A GASFLUX-DATA-SHEET---BRAZING-ALLOY---PHOS-COPPER-6
Gasflux® Ag-15 N/A C55284 N/A BCuP-5 N/A 1475 ºF802 ºC N/A 1190 ºF643 ºC N/A GASFLUX-DATA-SHEET---BRAZING-ALLOY---PHOS-COPPER-15-
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