"The Flux is in the Flame"
  • Protective Eyeglasses

    The Gasflux® Company recommends the use of protective spectacles that meet industry standards when brazing with Gasflux®. We are pleased to offer the following:

    Clip-on/Flip-up protective spectacles. Shade 4 IR-UV, and Shade 5 IR-UV are available. These "Flips" clip to the nose bridge of your glasses. They must be worn over an approved ANSI Z87.1 safety lens and frame with side shields for severe impact resistance and protection.


    Motor ME I 6 EX, Class I Group C&D, Class II Groups F&G (Explosion Proof) with 16 ft cord, pump tube SS 39“sealless, high volume rotor, 1“ SS Barrel Adaptor, 1“ SS Nozzle with swivel, 8 ft. Conductive Chemical Tubing with Conductive Fittings, Ground & Bonding wires, Wall Hanger


    Safely light your torch using this convenient, electronic ignitor. The long-lasting filament provides thousands of instant sparks. Requires two AA batteries.


    Flashback arrestors are a combination of a reverse flow check valve and a flame barrier in one body. They provide protection against flashback and reverse flow of gases to the operator at the torch or equipment point of use. Safety regulations and guidelines in many countries around the world require the use of flashback arrestors.


    Flux hoses according to DIN EN ISO 3821 for trade and industry are used on welding and brazing machines, for transporting fuel gases mixed with fluxes.


    • Black, seamless PA lining with high density towards diffusion
    • Reinforcements: synthetic fibres
    • Red, smooth CSM/BR-cover, resistant to ozone, weather, UV and abrasion
    • Working pressure up to 20 bar / 290 psi
    • Temperature range up to +90°C / +194°F
    • Highly flexible and robust
    • Can also be used for welding processes with aggressive filler agents
    • According to DIN EN ISO 3821


    The A050-NAA air operated transfer pump kit is an aluminum pump with PTFE diaphragms, ½” NPT fittings and a grounding lug. The pump is Atex labeled, and can be used to transfer Liquid Gasflux® from a 5 gallon pail to a 5 gallon reserve tank. The kit includes the pump, suction and discharge hoses, fittings and lances, grounding clamps and straps.

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